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Union International des Architectes (UIA)
The International Union of Architects was founded in Lausanne, Switzerland on June 28th 1948 to unite the architects of the world without regard to nationality, race, religion, or architectural doctrine, and to federate their national organizations. From the 27 delegations present at the founding assembly, the UIA has grown to encompass the key professional organizations and architects in 130 countries and territories, and now represents, through these organizations, more than 1,300,000 architects worldwide. Over time, UIA has become an accomplished non-governmental organization and an incomparable professional network of architects that reaches all continents.

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School of Architecture, Tianjin University;
The School of Architecture, Tianjin University is established in 1895 with the name of “Peiyang University”, is the first educational institution of higher learning in China. Aspired to be a world-class progressive and multidisciplinary research university, School of Architecture constantly focuses on the improvement of education quality. Putting great efforts on education reformation, it established a unique educational system and achieved many fruitful outcomes. It also constantly focuses on keeping the professional education opening and international by establish and maintain regular stable contact with many well-reputational universities and research institutes. The School has trained thousands of bachelors and hundreds of masters and doctors working in different departments in Central government and architecture design institutes, planning bureaus, research Institutes, universities and private developers in local municipalities of other provinces. As the core members of these institutions they are making great contributions to the architecture development in China.
Urban Environment Design (UED) Magazine
Urban Environment Design (UED) Magazine is publicly issued worldwide monthly. Sponsored by School of Architecture, Tianjin University and Liaoning Science and Technology Publishing House, UED is the first stylish, interdisciplinary journal in the architectural field in China. It has been widely read by stakeholders, real estate developers, landscape designers, planners, architects, interior designers, educators and students and other professionals in China, and has become a great platform for architects and designers to exchange ideas between China and World.


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School of Architecture, Tsinghua University
Tsinghua University's School of Architecture (referred to as Tsinghua SA or the School hereafter) was transformed in 1988 from the former Department of Architecture which was established by Prof. LIANG Sicheng in October 1946. Currently, it is composed of four departments, nine research institutes, three professional practical sites, and three ministerial laboratories. Since its establishment in 1946, Tsinghua SA has insisted on the goal of cultivating professional leaders of architecture and gradually confirmed its development strategy of being based on the Sciences of Human Settlements, paying due attention to the requirements of China's construction and development and the challenges of academic frontiers, and combining education with research and practice.


World Architecture Magazine
World Architecture started publication in October, 1980. It is sponsored by Tsinghua University, in cooperation with Beijing Institute of Architectural Design. It is the biggest architectural magazine in China, which is bilingual (Chinese and English), monthly published, and distributed all over the world. From 2002, the World Architecture magazine publication sets up WA Chinese Architecture Award, presented every two years. It has been one of the most active and influential architecture awards in China.

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Chinese National Supervision Committee of Higher Architecture Education;


Chinese National Evaluation Committee of Higher Architecture Education;


Architecture Art Committee of China Artists Association


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Shanghai Hyp-arch Architectural Design Consultant Inc.





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